Value of Experience

Predictions of the future form the foundation for strategic capital decisions. In my twenty years of experience, I have had hundreds of diverse projects cross my desk, ranging in value from thousands to millions to billions of dollars.  Unlike some careers with unrelated detours or over narrow specialization, I have focused on wide and deep subjects in reservoir engineering consulting, reservoir management, A&D and strategic issues. My work often has to be defended against external critics, and my work often has the benefit of seeing the history of analyses, strategies and outcomes, providing better-than-real-time feedback. My skills also benefit from years' immersion in the day-to-day life of an operating company. 

These many studies give me confidence to identify and perform what engineering analyses are appropriate, to identify soft spots in analyses and plans, and to help to create an actionable (if still uncertain) prediction of the future on which to make capital deployment decisions. See my curriculum vitae on the Biography, or give me a call to talk. You can also view my publications here.