Templates for PHDWin

Based upon decades of engineering experience and principles of good design, the DPPE Template for PHDwin customizes the best reserves & economics software to make your engineering work faster and better.  

   + Simple to implement

   + Designed for efficiency, insight and engineering rigor 

   + Includes instructions for customization


"The PHDWin Template is very intuitive and easy to implement. All users utilizing the same graph layout & tabs for a robust and time-efficient visual analysis has added value to our technical team."

-Brian Lanier, Reservoir Engineer, Headington Energy Partners

What is included in the templates for PHDWin?

   + 14 Graph Templates to amplify insight

   + 13 Sort Orders for analysis, QC & final report

   + 5 Filters for analysis and final report

   + Simple Price Models to reflect today's reality

   + Custom Reports and Reusable Batch Scripts to make handsome final reports

   + Product Definitions, Configurations & Unit Conventions (Including NGLs) to make and apply appropriate streams and units (including NGLs)

   + Other Settings - Predefined Archives, ID Codes, Reserve Categories & Autofit Settings to accomodate good engineering work process

   + User Manual for explanation and implementation

   + Versions for Both PHDWin 2.9 and 2.10 to work with your preferred version

DWAYNE PURVIS, P.E. provides these materials to you on three conditions:

1. You will not distribute or share copies of the materials except for a brief trial period. 

2. You will not use any of the material to design and then sell or distribute similar materials. 

3. You assume (and accept that we deny) full responsibility for ensuring that the materials suit your application and provide reliable results. 

Downloading the materials indicates your consent.