My full  curriculum vita  e  resides on  LinkedIN.

My full curriculum vitae resides on LinkedIN.


"Over 20 years of practice as a reservoir engineering consultant and an operator, I studied scores of fields in depth, seeing all kinds of variety and variations in geology and dynamics.  My studies of shale fields began in the Barnett in 2003, but my experience also includes all manner of conventional fields, from simple depletion, to water-flooding to fractured carbonates."

"My wife, Katie, and I married nearly 17 years ago. We have two spunky daughters mostly grown and two adventurous sons in junior high and high school. As for me, in addition to the puzzles of reservoir engineering, I enjoy the outdoors, reading and writing."


Cody Piel

Cody put himself through the bachelor and master’s degree programs in geology at Texas Christian University. He went on to serve as a staff geologist at Jetta Operating Company.  His responsibilities shifted with the company, but he was often responsible for the largest fields in Jetta’s portfolio.


Alex Knowles

Alex came to the oil and gas industry after earning a master's degree from the Johns Hopkins University and serving as an officer and engineer on US Navy nuclear submarines.  He previously executed special projects focused on operations at a private oil company in Fort Worth. Alex assists with reservoir engineering tasks. 


Ian Kissell

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Texas A&M University, Ian worked his way through a Master of Theology degree at Dallas Theological Seminary.  He is currently working towards a Doctor of Philosophy degree at Southwestern Theological Seminary, and he helps to keep our office running smoothly. 


Jessica Baker

Jessica was a college athlete yet still managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a degree in mathematics.  She was trained as a technical assistant for both engineering and finance at Jetta Operating.  She currently works in the audit department of a Fortune 200 firm, and she helps DPPE with special research projects and with the resources on our website. 


Kristine Frame

Kristine has spent decades as an accountant, including many years for the small business owned by she and her husband.  When her husband started a ministry to the community in their home town, Kristine began working with Bullock Hartley of Fort Worth.  She keeps our financial records in order and helps us to manage the business.

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