Research shows that a good mentor/manager increases productivity, achievement, satisfaction and retention. If your company has only one or few reservoir engineers, then who is performing this valuable function?

Experienced mid-career engineers are in short supply and costly, so many companies staff the reservoir engineering function with young professionals, and often ones trained in other engineering disciplines. Though they are often bright and academically educated, a more mature supervision can increase productivity and reliability of their work. DWAYNE PURVIS, P.E. offers just that service.

We provide supervision and mentoring services to your young professionals as a "fractional" reservoir engineering manager in much the same way that accounting and finance leadership is often contracted from specialists.

On the basis of a fixed monthly cost:

+ Meet weekly 1 to 2 times in-person or by video 

+ availability to answer questions between meetings

To provide guidance and mentoring on:

+ WHAT engineering YOU SHOULD do, how YOU SHOULD do it & how to check it

+ How to become a better employee

+ How to prepare to serve as manager

If you'd like to understand more, please feel free to contact me anytime.

NOTE: If you are a young professional in the Fort Worth area, you are welcome to join a small group which meets bi-weekly for informal mentoring on professional development. The drinks are good, and the conversations are great.