Comparison of Published Price Decks

LAST UPDATED 04/25/2019

We find it useful sometimes to see what other people think about future commodity prices. During 2019 we will continue to make available each month a comparison of various price decks published in the industry. We don’t endorse any of them, but we can make them all available to you in one place.

April 2019 Crude.JPG


The oil and gas price history and forecasts represented in the file above come from these sources:

NYMEX Futures Settled Prices - Crude Oil

NYMEX Futures Settled Prices - Natural Gas

Sproule Worldwide Petroleum Consultants

Macquarie Group Energy Lender Price Survey

EIA Short Term Energy Outlook

EIA Annual Energy Outlook

Other Surveys of Price Forecasts

These data are not included in our comparison file due to copyright concerns, but they may be of use to you.  SPEE publishes an annual survey of its members, including price decks they use.  The survey is conducted in April, and the results are released in June.  The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, surveys investment banks monthly.

Society of Professional Evaluation Engineers' Survey of Economic Parameters Used in Property Evaluations

WSJ Price Survey, June 2019

WSJ Price Survey, May 2019

WSJ Price Survey, April 2019

WSJ Price Survey, March 2019

WSJ Price Survey, February 2019

WSJ Price Survey, January 2019