Free Resources for Reserve & Economics in 2018

I hate the waste of time it is for tons of people to do exactly the same thing. So in 2018, we are continuing and expanding the resources we give away on our website.

  1. MOD files of weekly NYMEX prices: We collect the settled futures prices on each Friday and the first trading day of each month, then we provide them in a MOD file ready for import and use in PHDwin. This year, we are adding an annual average of the gas prices to remove the seasonality of the futures strip which can trigger premature economic limit.
  2. Comparison of price forecasts: NYMEX futures are not the only source of expectations about future commodity prices. We also assemble each month data and citations for forecasts reported by EIA (both monthly and annual), Sproule Associates, Tristone Lender Survey, WSJ monthly survey of investment bank and the annual SPEE survey. Much of the data can be downloaded in a spreadsheet with graphs like the one above while others which are copyright protected are linked instead.
  3. Price differential worksheet: It would be ideal if data vendors expanded their file formats to include historical realized prices along with historical production data and for reserves and economics software to accommodate analysis of price differentials. But until then, this spreadsheet walks you through mass download of realized prices in Texas using DI Desktop and provides a framework for analysis of the data, including detailed instructions about the spreadsheet.
  4. Templates for PHDwin: Last but perhaps most substantial is a set of templates for PHDwin designed to reduce the time spent setting up a database and to improve the quality of work. This download, which includes instructions for deployment, includes sort orders, filters, graph templates and more.

What is more, we plan to expand the offered resources this year. You can sign up for our newsletter to make sure that you get the word when other resources are released. (But you do know about the best-laid plans of mice and men. . .)

Meanwhile, I hope that these resources help you to kick butt this year.