Four Free Resources for Reserve Engineers

If reserves season did not flow as smoothly as you'd like, or if you'd like your next acquisition analysis to flow more easily, perhaps these tools can help.

DWAYNE PURVIS, P.E. has published several free resources on our website which can, I hope, expedite and improve your work a little.

MOD file of NYMEX prices: We compile settled NYMEX prices into a MOD file for PHDwin at the end of each week and on the first of each month. At any time you can download a recent NYMEX strip and use the Models Maintenance program to copy it into the MOD file for your project. We also offer a second MOD file containing history of actual prices and first-of-month strip prices since 2014.

(One note. . .the price strips are pretty raw. We don't, for instance, average the prices out. Instead, we offer the sequence of prices just as it is settled. You may need to reconstitute the raw data into a form you prefer, such as annual average prices for gas.)

Templates for PHDwin: A new PHDwin project is a wide open, blank slate. If you know that you will want to do the same tasks with the same kinds of data over and over again, then the work merits creating and re-using a template. Fortunately, PHDwin has lots of features for customization. Our template includes, among other things,

  • standardized graphs for improved clarity and efficiency
  • treatment of NGLs
  • common sort orders, filters, ID codes, units, archives
  • and instructions on how to implement and to customize the template further for your work process

For now, the download is free. I just ask that you give me feedback on the template and how to improve it and that you not redistribute it or recreate its ideas.

Price differential spreadsheet: Another template to reduce your work, this one takes as input the revenue data output by DI Desktop and crunches it into tables and graphs for your analysis, and then it forms the results into a table suitable for import directly to PHDwin.


You can learn a little more here about the methodology of the price differential calculation.

Comparison of published price decks: R&E work sometimes requires understanding what the rest of the world is thinking about future prices. Each month we update and compile published price decks from multiple sources including futures prices, EIA, energy lenders and industry participants. Below is a sample of the graph/data you'll find.


Bringing it together: I teach a course every other month on "Engineering Methods and Advanced PHDwin" which touches on these resources but covers in depth how to use PHDwin most efficiently and most effectively for reliable and expeditious engineering analysis. The next class is next week but sign-ups are still open. I would love to see you there.

While you are there, you can sign up for my occasional newsletter which will include notice of additional resources made available on the site.

In the meantime, I hope that these resources prove helpful. And please pass along any comments, requests or corrections for the tools.