SPE Fort Worth Chapter Lunch: Practical Aspects of Shale Reserves

Shale reserves

The technology of reserves estimation in shale plays still lags the significance of the production, but the methods are developing rapidly.  Of the six historical reserve methods, only three apply meaningfully to shales, and then only if done correctly (Hint: volumetrics is not one of them). In this new world, like the old “conventional” world, analysis and not action will be the hallmark of successful companies.

On Thursday February 25th, the Fort Worth chapter of the SPE will host my presentation of “Practical Aspects of Shale Reserves.” The presentation will discuss the latest proposals for alternative production decline models and insight on the use of Arps, a review of rate-transient analysis and the best place and use of reservoir simulation, as well as, of course, some of the how-to for each.

The first shale I analyzed was the Barnett Shale starting in 2003. Since then projects have covered about a dozen shale plays both in the US and abroad. The speech draws upon my experience as a consultant, reservoir engineering manager and reserves evaluator.

I would love you to join us. To RSVP and pay online for the lunch and speech, CLICK HERE. If you prefer just to RSVP and then pay at the door, please email Clint Luig (clint.luig@mustangwireline.com).

Lunch begins at 11:30 on Thursday, February 25th at Petroleum Club of Fort Worth.