Engineering Manager for Rent

Research shows that a good mentor/manager increases productivity, achievement, satisfaction and retention. If your company has only one or few reservoir engineers, then who is performing this valuable function?

A young reservoir engineer may be oriented to basics of available methods by education, but he/she is still developing a context and process for the engineering.  With all due respect to the exceptionally bright and motivated minds who have entered the industry in the last decade, intrinsic processes of professional development mean that the work product of a young engineer commonly lacks the focus and effectiveness common to a mature hand. 

A mentor/manager educates, guides, motivates, challenges, quality checks and holds accountable.  An experienced guide can show a young engineer on what to focus analyses and how to do them reliably.  Spending more time on useful subjects and doing them in a more reliable way benefits both the engineer and her firm. And a good engineering manager can coordinate or manage a whole cross-functional team for the same benefits.

So here is a crazy idea, one which I have never seen before. . .Maybe you could rent a reservoir engineering manager.  

Very many companies have neither the workload or budget to accommodate a full-time, experienced reservoir engineer.  The one or few staff engineers serve the day-to-day needs.  But perhaps a part time reservoir engineering manager on contract could significantly increase the quality and quantity of insight generated.  If there were just someone who could serve that function. . . :)

Whether you need a mentor for yourself or your staff, please don't hesitate to call me.  I'd love to explore how my experience can amplify the productivity of you and your team.